ProCo R2DU Rack Modifications

Two Rats, One Rack

My buddy James inspired me to modify his R2DU Rat Rack from ProCo into a double-rat FKR with mods.

ProCo R2DU Rack Modifications

Cover off, testing some paths


Measuring the existing diodes


Figuring out the front-panel layout


Stock diodes removed and jumper wires patched in for connection to multi-diode switches


Marking for drilling


The clipping LED diodes (ala Turbo Rat mode) will be exposed for fun


LEDs are in


New knobs


Figuiring out the position for the switches


Inside wiring to the switches


Heat-shrink tubing and double-stick foam tape to make it neat


Diode clipping options hard-soldered to switches


Inside wiring done!


More guts


More guts part II


Finished project


Ready for the rack






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