The Tube Cricket

A 12AX7 low watt tube amp

Work in progress. The next iteration of the cricket small wattage amp, this time with a tube preamp.

Done in collaboration with my good friend Mark from You can get a Tube Cricket kit or a pre-built unit from Mark, give him a holler!

The Tube Cricket is a low voltage (12vDC) amplifier using a single 12AU7 tube for the preamp stage and an LM386 power amp for the power stage.

It doesn't need an output transformer and will directly driver an 8 ohm guitar cab.

Controls are: volume, gain and tone.


The Schematic


Twin Cricket Prototype

PCB ready for testing, and I think I've found the perfect enclosures.

Finally got around to etching a usable board and decided to build the prototype in a Hammond chassis box.









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