Tech Pages and Articles


Blocks and Fragments

Bits and pieces of schematics and ideas.


BMP Filter

Ideas and schematics for the Big Muff Pi tone control circuit.



A simple box finishing solution using common items found at your hardware store.


Transistors: Pinouts and common data

A helpful reference for transistor legs


Booster: How it Works

A look at what the components do in a typical booster



When to use/avoid them, and how to build your own.


Buying Parts

Some useful links on good places to buy the parts you need for major hackage.



All about capacitor types, what they do, and how to use them.


From Schematic to Reality

How to read schematics and turn them into real things.



A big collection of pix of the insides of pedals.



Looking for a specific knob? Start here! Lots of knobs and lots of links.


Pedal Power

How to wire up battery and AC adaptor in a pedal.


Resistors and Potentiometers

Learn how they work and how to use them in stompbox projects.


Powering Pedals

The A-Z of battery power, AC adaptors, measuring current draw, and more.


True Bypass Loops & Feedbackers

Make your own looper and feedback loops.


Stompbox Wiring

How to wire true bypass, power and battery stuff inside a stompbox.



All about switches!





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