My name is Dano and long ago I created a website about pedal DIY and general audio electronics. It went away for a long time and now I'm slowly getting it back online. All the folks who have emailed me over the last 5 years with kinds words of support, I sincerely thank you...your kindness has meant a lot to me! Glad to be getting the site back online!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you help me design, debug or fix my project?

Unfortunately I can't answer all the questions that come in, but there is a better place to ask questions and learn: DIYStompboxes! The forum is a great forum for DIY pedals, amps and other audio electronices. Super friendly and helpful, I suggest you visit often: DIYStompboxes Forum

Will you build me a FKR/NoisyCricket/Tactical Nuclear Device...?

My building for others days are long over!

What do you use to draw your schematics?

Microsoft Visio! I think my edition is 2013 but that or any later version will do.

Can I send you gold bars or emails?

Sure. Remove the funny characters: b~e~a~v~i~s~a~u~d~i~o@g~m~a~i~l.c~o~m

Who are you really?

A lucky fellow, and your friend,
- Dano