My name is Dano and I enjoy building stuff with electronics. If you'd like to write, please feel free.


I have to be honest and tell you that a reply may not be likely.

Not that I'm a dick, it's just that the last time I ran the beavis site, I got many many emails with general DIY questions, requests for help, debugging requests, and the like. After a while, it became very difficult to keep up with the volume, so I just gave up. Moving forward, please feel free to send an email with a hello or somesuch, but I humbly request that you understand why I can't always reply :)

Remove the funny characters: b~e~a~v~i~s~a~u~d~i~o@g~m~a~i~l.c~o~m

Yeah, so what happened to the site all these years?

Back in the hazy recesses of history, beavisaudio.com was a pretty popular site. I was passionate about DIY electronics, passionate about learning, and super-stoked about writing and building the website. On top of that, I found an entire online community of friends and fellow DIY-ers.

Then, as is sometimes the case, life took a downward turn. The recession wiped me out financially, I lost my house, my marriage ended, and for the first time in my adult life, I was not with my kids every day. Sucks right?

So I decided to do what any highly functional person would do. I completely withdrew. At the time I knew it was not a particularly healthy course of action, but now I realize it was just what I had to do. I process things slowly :)

In the end, it took me five years to get to a place where I could take on the beavis task again. And it took the same five years to realize how fortunate I have been all along to have my family and friends. Y'all kept me going. And life is awesome.

Ok, enough tear-soaked blather!

Yeah, so anyway, welcome to beavisaudio.com. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it.

A lucky fellow, and your friend,
- Dano