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Under the Hood Site Updates + IE Still Sucks
posted 13 september 2012

  There is a load of detritus on the beavis website...old pages, badly formatted HTML, ugly stuff, etc. Over the past few days I've updated the CSS and tried to hit every page with a better look and feel. I'm happy with the result overall. It works great in Chrome, Opera, Safari and Firefox. But not Internet Explorer. Why am I not surprised. So I'm going to be grumpy and say screw IE; if you are using it, please consider and alternative. I'm not updating stuff to work around Microsoft's bugs in linked style sheet web fonts. Grumble grumble....

Transistor Specs and Pinouts
posted 10 september 2012

  Here's a handy page with general transistor specifications and pinouts for the parts we most commonly use in stompboxes.


Buying Parts: The Well-Stocked Bench
posted 22 august 2012

  I've updated my Parts Article with a big list of parts and values for a well-stocked bench.

Updated Capacitor Article
posted 21 august 2012

  My article on caps is one of the oldest on the site, and was showing a bit of age. So it is now updated, more content and explanations, better organized, and with 20% less calories.

Switchers, Loopers and Volume Controls
posted 18 august 2012

  Here's an article with wiring diagrams for various passive designs: true-bypass loopers, A/B switches and volume controls.


A Hot Hunk of Burning Hot Schematics that are Hot
posted 18 july 2012

  Over the years, I've drawn up a ton of schematics. So why not start posting them in a dedicated Schematics section? Why not indeed.

Beavis Pile of Schematics


Ok, so about the Beavis Board
posted 11 april 2012

  I still get lots of email about beavis board availability. I guess it would be good to explain why it was discontinued and why it wonít be coming back.

The simple answer is: economics. The amount of time to build the beavis board itself (wood, cutting, finishing, sanding, parts, screws, enclosure drilling, labels, finishing, components, soldering, etc.) was pretty crazy at that price point. But the real killer: the parts. Each kit comprised hundreds of parts that needed to be sourced, ordered, counted, packed, etc.) All in all, a more realistic price point for the full beavis board + parts should have been over $500, just to make minimum wage through the whole process. And at over $500, well thatís just not a very good price point. We tried all sorts of things to streamline the building, ordering, inventory and fulfillment processes, but nothing came close to addressing the fundamental issue of cost vs. revenue.

To me, the surreal part of the whole experiment was the comments from various folks on forums saying it was overpriced. And I found out there is no arguing with logic like that.

So thatís the bad news. Itís dead and isnít coming back. The good news? It was a great experience. I put 8 months into the design, tinkering, refining prototypes, figuring out the parts mix, and creating the big-ass user guide and designing all the projects. I learned a lot about the creation of a product, supporting it, selling it, and all that good stuff. I still think it was a pretty nifty idea, but in the end, just not sustainable at a price level approachable by hobby builders.

Of course, the best part of DIY is doing it yourself. So go ahead and build your own.

So have at it my fine DIY friends!

CMOS Synthesizers
posted 25 march 2010

  Did you know you can create spacey tone generators out of simple inexpensive CMOS logic chips? Well you can. Here's an article that introduces the basics and provides a metric butt-load of schematics to try out on your breadboard, perfboard, or ironing board. Read all about it.

from schmo to pro: Soldering 101
posted 18 march 2010

  I've written a new article on soldering, sort of an introduction with a discussion of good soldering irons, types of solder and tools, and tips and tricks for a great soldering experience. Check it out!

Beer Can Leslie
posted 17 march 2010

  Another ongoing project of questionable utility: making a leslie type rotating speaker with a beer can.

DIY Compact Plate Reverb
posted 14 january 2010

  I am attempting to build a compact plate reverb.

hey, meet Preston
posted 17 dec 2009

  This fellow does some of the most awesomely accurate and well done etches I've ever seen. The extra bonus is he also makes some very good music. Preston is also master of the Ikea Gorm pedalboard tutorial, which makes him a level-9 ninja in today's ass-like economic times. Give him a visit.

My name is dano and I build electronics audio stuff. Then I write about it. So take off your shoes, fire up the soldering iron, and pop open a cold beer.
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