The beavis board: all the projects


Here are all the beavis board projects. Each PDF has notes, a schematic, and the breadboard layout.


567 Modulator
Lofi synth effects with a single chip
Atari Punk Console
Standaolone mini oscillator with a 556 dual timer
Hemmo Bazz Fuss
Single transistor fuzz


Brian May Treble Booster
1970's treble booster
Boutique Tube Screamer
Ibanez Overdive with popular mods
Smokey Cigarrete Amp
Tiny 9v Guitar Practice amp


Diode Mods
Experiment with different clipping diodes
DOD 250 Overdrive
Classic DOD overdrive circuit
Dual Oscillator
Two oscillators from a CMOS chip


EA Tremolo
Classic tremolo circuit
Filtered PSU
Filter noise from noisy AC adaptors
Fuzz Face
Classic 60s British Fuzz


Gretsch Controfuzz
Interesing wet/dry mix fuzz
IC Buffer
Simple buffer using an opamp
Classic simple booster from EHX


ROG Mockman
Boston sound from runoffgroove
EXH Muff Fuzz
Lesser-known EHX fuzz
MXR Distortion +
Classic distortion from the 70s


Noisy Cricket
Beavis 9v guitar amp
Orange Squeezer
Simple compressor build
Pulse Width Modulation


Red Llama
Way Huge overdrive/distortion
9v guitar amp from runoffgroove






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